The first fully integrated video feed built directly into your F&I Menu.
We solved the problem of Remote Presentations.  Digital Retailing doesn't work because it excludes you.  Problem solved.

  • Built-in calendar to schedule your virtual appointments
  • Notification / alerts / reminders so you don't miss a meeting
  • Remote Presentations can begin with video...push the presentation to the customer in real-time when you're ready
  • Video works on both desktop and mobile for your customers

F&I Product Customization

​You’re now fully in control of what content to present to support your products.
  • Create your own text description…you get to decide
  • Upload a video from YouTube…play it when you’d like
  • Upload two different documents or photos directly from your computer…from a brochure to photos, even a Repair Order…for each product you offer
  • Connect your F&I product provider with us and we’ll even integrate a brochure micro-website for each product you offer (no charge)

All plans include:

  • No long-term contract
  • No set-up fee (Excluding DMS integration set-up)
  • Unlimited number of users per rooftop
  • Presentation available from your iPad or desktop computer
  • Real-time dashboard reporting portal
  • Tech support
  • Works on multiple browsers
  • Optional DMS integration can be added or removed anytime

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