Theft Protection

Benefit Options $3000 or $5000 

Term Options 3-year or 5-year 

Over a million motorcycles are stolen every year in the United States. That is one every 20 seconds! Most are never recovered, or are recovered with extensive and costly damages. Since most people carry a significant deductible on their insurance policy, powersports theft can result in substantial out of pocket costs to vehicle owners.

So, how do you protect yourself? Rider's Advantage Theft Protection is a highly effective way to keep your vehicle safe from professional thieves. The Rider's Advantage Theft Protection program provides a unique identification code that is permanently affixed to your vehicle.

Rider’s Advantage Theft Protection

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our program, that we will provide you with robust financial benefits in the event that the system fails to deter the theft of your vehicle. Only Rider's Advantage Theft Protection provides real financial help when you need it most.

In the event that your motorcycle/powersports vehicle is stolen and not recovered, or in the event that it is recovered but declared to be a total loss, you will become eligible for the following:

  • A cash benefit that you can use towards the purchase or lease of a replacement motorcycle/powersports vehicle to cover your deductible, or to apply towards any other expenses that you may encounter.
  • Down Payment Assistance-when you return to your selling dealership, you can receive an additional benefit that will be paid to the dealership towards the down payment on a replacement motorcycle/powersport vehicle.

Highlights of Rider’s Advantage Theft Protection Includes

Deductible reimbursement if recovered
UV footprint on machine provides greater chance of recovery
Codes are registered to customer and are listed in a national database used by law enforcement agencies
Available on 100% of units, new and used
Travel reimbursement for airfare/rental car
Optional 3 or 5 year terms
Coverage begins same day
Zero ($0) deductibles
Backed by an A.M.Best A-Rated carrier