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F&I Atlanata Training


Times: Sunday, May 22 - Class starts at 1:00 pm Ends at 6:00 pm CDT

Times: Monday, May 23 - Class starts at 8:300 am Ends at 4:00 pm CDT

LOCATION: Tru by Hilton Euless DFW West

2570 State Highway 121 Euless, Texas 76039

Successful F&I/Business managers know that they can always make improvements and constantly look for ways to become more efficient and effective. They know that every failure is an opportunity to learn how to succeed and they will learn from every interaction they have with a customer. The most successful F&I/Business managers have a lot in common with each other, and these tips will help you step up your game and become the best manager possible. Join our Rider's Advantage F&I Training Interest List. We will send you information as we role out our training locations.

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F&I Training Registration

Price: $399.00
This seminar will include a 2 day, intensive training specifically aimed at increasing your F&I penetration. Dates: Sunday May 22 and Monday May 23, 2022 Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth TEXAS For more information or questions, please call your RSM or Rich Butler, National Sales Manager (918) 921-1004

Tru by Hilton Euless DFW West

2570 State Highway 121 Euless, Texas 76039 USA

We’re 10 minutes from DFW Airport and a short walk from local restaurants. Grapevine, home to LEGOLAND® and several wineries, is seven miles away. The AT&T Stadium and Globe Life Ballpark are 15 minutes from our door. Enjoy daily hot breakfast and our outdoor pool during your stay.

3 Ways to Be a Better F&I Manager

1. Get the Best Professional Training

Think about it. The best professional athletes train with the best coaches. Ivy league universities employ brilliant professors to teach at their schools. Following that line, F&I managers should train with a world-class F&I training program. It primes you for the real world. Our world-class training programs have years of powersports experience. The best F&I training is the most important decision that an aspiring and current F&I manager can make for their whole career. Training will help you be the best F&I manager and Rider's Advantage is here to help!

2. Follow a Formula

You’re only as good as the procedure in your playbook. And you’ve got to follow the given procedure. A proven and repeatable formula will lead to success. If you don’t follow the procedure, you’ll wind up with a different result. It’s just like a recipe for a dish. Change some of the ingredients, and you’ll get a different dish. Often, it won’t taste as good, and it’s just mediocre. The formula to follow is straightforward. A professional environment plus a proper explanation of benefits plus unbiased information equals a profit in the finance office. Don’t deviate from the formula, and you’ll yield good results.

Unbiased information is all about how the customer feels about your selling methods. Are you selling them or informing them? A proper explanation of benefits centers on the features and benefits of what you’re selling. Are you more focused on the features than the benefits for the customer? A benefit is how the product affects the customer. It’s benefits that sell not the features. People want to know what a product can do for them.

3. Keep it Professional and Positive

Maintain a Professional Environment and get rid of all the sales gimmicks. Ditch them all. The atmosphere of your dealership shouldn’t resemble that of a timeshare sale. The formula to use is unbiased information, proper explanation of benefits and a professional atmosphere.

Keep it positive. Both negativity and positivity are contagious. You’ll definitely want to go with positivity. Research has shown that happiness spreads like a virus. Infect your customers with happiness. Even if you’ve been down from a stroke of some bad luck, keep it positive with both colleagues and customers. Speak positive thoughts, uplift your coworkers and even take the sales team out for a good lunch. All of these actions will positively affect those around you. It will also affect you in your attitude.

So, how do you become the very best F&I manager? Get professional training to hone your craft, follow the proven formula and be a positive voice at work. Others will certainly notice the vibe.