Appearance Protection

Rider's Advantage is the direct provider of ULTIMAR Powersports ULTIMAR Marine. 

The Power of Ultimar Technology

  • Advanced Ceramic Technology for environmental protection.
  • Durable barrier for paint against harsh conditions.
  • Exceeds standard warranty offerings.


Embrace the ultimate protection for your beloved ride with Rider's Advantage Appearance Protection by Ultimar. This unparalleled system shields your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, scooter, jet ski, snowmobile or boat against the relentless forces of nature, the road, water or snow.


Infused with cutting-edge technology, it establishes a resilient barrier that guards your vehicle's paint, chrome, and upholstery from environmental threats like UV rays, acid rain, and road debris, as well as accidental spills and stains. Not just a protective measure, Ultimar enhances your vehicle's aesthetic appeal, ensuring it remains in pristine condition, ready for any adventure.


With Ultimar, join a community of enthusiasts who value performance and perfection, ensuring your ride is always ready to impress, on and off the road.


  • banner-motorcycle


    Enhances the shine

  • wash-motorcycle

    Bike Wash

    Regular washing

  • clean-motorcycle

    Waterless Detailer

    Cleaning between washes

  • motorcycle-seat

    Leather/Vinyl Protect

    Reusable adding luster and protection


Ceramic Exterior Protection:

Completely seals and protects paint from:

• Weather-induced fading and loss of gloss

• Acid rain, bird droppings, and tree sap

• Permanent hard water etching and industrial fallout

Leather/Vinyl Features:

• Creates a barrier against food and drink stains

• Shields from damaging UV rays

• Protection from rips, tears, and punctures

Ultra+Shield Technology

  • Laboratory-tested technology to reduce rock chip damage.
  • Bonus Offer: Free application of ULTRA+SHIELD and HEADLIGHT products with purchase.

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