Appearance Protection

Rider's Advantage is the exclusive provider of DiamondBrite to the Powersports community

Rider’s Advantage has partnered with DiamondBrite and we are proud to offer our dealers a product that will protect their customers’ investment. DiamondBrite is a protective sealant providing continued showroom appearance of the vehicle.

Rider’s Advantage Appearance Protection provides a shield against Acid Rain, Tree Sap, Bird Waste, Insects, Road salts, and grime, as well as UV Damage. When applied, DiamondBrite will protect Leather, Vinyl, Chrome, injection molded plastics, and all painted surfaces.

With 3 and 5 year plans, you are sure to find the product right for your customer.

With both the 3 and 5 year contract, your customer receives superior protection against environmental hazards to include fading from UV light.

Each customer is provided take-home products in an easy carry bag. The take-home kit contains:

  • banner-motorcycle


    Enhances the shine

  • wash-motorcycle

    Bike Wash

    Regular washing

  • clean-motorcycle

    Waterless Detailer

    Cleaning between washes

  • motorcycle-seat

    Leather/Vinyl Protect

    Reusable adding luster and protection


DiamondBrite is a petroleum-based high-quality sealant designed to protect painted surfaces, injected molded plastics as well as chromes and alloys.

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