Priority Maintenance

Provides protection against rising maintenance costs

Choose Your Plan - Silver (12 Months), Gold (24Months), or Platinum (36 Months)

TERMS Available Silver - 12 Months Gold - 24 Months Platinum - 36 Months
New Used New Used New Used
Full Maintenance Service 1 2 3 4 6 6
First Break-in Service 1 N/A 1 N/A 1 N/A
Additional Oil & Filter Change 2 2 4 4 4 4

You didn’t settle for less when you purchased your motorcycle/powersports unit, so don’t settle for anything less than Rider's Advantage Priority Maintenance Agreement.

With this preferred program, your Motorcycle, Scooter UTV, ATV, Jet Ski, or Snowmobile will receive the required scheduled services for the term and coverage selected. The plan includes labor and covered parts required to perform manufacturer specified mileage/hour service intervals.

Rider's Advantage Priority Maintenance Agreement is proud to offer three different priority maintenance packages to fit your wants, needs and budget. Pre-paying for the manufacturer's specified maintenance allows you to lock in these vital services at today's prices. When it's time for a service, simply contact the selling dealer for a "Priority Maintenance" appointment, bring your vehicle in at the scheduled time and relax. Let Rider's Advantage PMA and the Service Department handle all the details that will keep your vehicle operating the way it was the first day you picked it up.

Highlights of Rider’s Advantage Priority Maintenance Includes

Protects against inflation

Protects your warranty coverage

Protects your investment

Covers On-Road vehicles, Off-Road vehicles, Personal Watercraft, and Snowmobiles

Covers all factory required (scheduled) maintenance

Required maintenance performed by factory-trained certified technicians

Zero ($0) deductible

No out of pocket expense when visiting dealership, covers parts, labor and tax based on owner's manual required services

Backed by an A.M.Best A-Rated carrier

Additional Information

Priority Maintenance benefits are defined by the OEM maintenance schedule listed in the owner's manual.

New Units Sold Same Day - No Wait Period

Pre-Owned Units Sold Same Day - 30 Day Wait Period

New & Pre-Owned Units Sold After Time of Sale are considered "Service Drive Sale" and surcharge applies - 30 Day Wait Period

Maintenance Acknowledgement

Every UTV, ATV, Motorcycle, Dirt Bike, Jet Ski, Snowmobile, or Scooter is different, so you should familiarize yourself with your specific model and its distinct maintenance requirements. Listen to any advice from your dealer to help you give your vehicle the maintenance it needs to stay in great shape. Your powersports vehicle(s) will require ongoing maintenance.

*Please Note, maintenance is not only an Oil & Filter. Your specific vehicle may require inspections, grease fittings, replacing fluids, clean and/or replace air cleaner, are examples. Each vehicle will also have multiple requirements at specific miles, hours, or time. (Refer to your owner’s manual)

During this process, the internal friction in the engine is at its highest since the components are new and have not been “bedded in.” Once the VEHICLE reaches its first maintenance interval, hours, miles or time, the reduction in friction is significant. Manufacturers believe that a properly broken-in vehicle will have lower emissions and better fuel economy, performance, and engine longevity. In addition, other key components will also work better and longer.

When purchasing a powersports vehicle, please review and ask for a copy of the manufacturers required maintenance schedule. 

I have reviewed a copy of the manufacturers required maintenance schedule.

I am aware the dealership has no responsibility or liability for the declination of buying a maintenacne plan.

I understand that failure to follow the manufacturer's required maintenance schedule may result in the denial of coverage.

I understand that if I choose to maintenance my own vehicle, I will keep all receipts of parts, document dates, miles, hours, or time when I have performed my required maintenance per the manufacturer’s schedule based on my riding habits.