Smart Risk / Smart Drive

Providing Peace of Mind in uncertain times

Make your powersport buyer’s decision to finance their new ride much easier in uncertain times by providing them Smart Risk™ protection.

How It Works

When your borrower has a qualifying event, Smart RiskTM or Drive SmartTM will cover up to 3 monthly loan or lease payments or cover the negative equity of their collateral* when they return it to you.

Covered Events

  • Involuntary Loss of Employment
  • Driver’s License Loss from Medical Issue
  • International Employment Transfer
  • Self-Employed Personal Bankruptcy
  • Military Overseas Duty Station Change

Additional Benefits:

  • Emergency Travel Expense Benefit
  • Ambulance/LifeFlight Benefit
  • Rideshare Reimbursement
  • $2500 Theft Reward Benefit

Include Complimentary 1st year coverage for very low cost

Upsell additional coverage up to 7 years

Backed by an A Rated insurance company

Administrator Obligor

Reinsureable, Financeable, and Cancelable

Coverage available to be purchased in all 50 states