GAP Protection

Our most comprehensive and claims-friendly GAP protection


Since the very first vehicle insurance policy, many drivers have learned the hard way that a standard insurance policy may not provide all the financial protection they need.

Here’s why: When the value of a vehicle is less than the balance of the loan, this is described as being “upside down” on the loan.

A special kind of protection called “GAP protection” may help to cover the difference.

Negative Equity Puts Buyers at Risk

GAP protection is designed to help cover the difference between the fair market value of your vehicle at the time it’s totaled and your outstanding loan balance. Here’s an example using a typical loan:

Amount you owe on your loan: $20,000
Vehicle book value at the time of loss: $18,000
Your insurance deductible: $500
Amount insurance company pays you: $17,500
The "GAP": $2,500*

* The actual benefit amount paid to you is determined only at the time of loss per the terms described in the deficiency waiver addendum and may not cover the entire outstanding loan balance due to any listed exclusions including any limitations based on the loan-to-value coverage of 150%.

Highlights of Rider's Advantage GAP Include:

Coverage up to 84 months for powersports. Coverage up to 84 months for RVs, trailers, and marine. Max Finance on Marine contract term: 240 Months.

Coverage up to 150% of the MSRP/ NADA value for powersports. Up to 135% of the MSRP/NADA for RVs, trailers and watercraft.

An online claims portal that makes it easy to open new claims, sign-up for status updates, and facilitates quicker processing of potential claim benefits.

Backed by an A.M.Best A-Rated carrier... and much more!

Not everyone needs GAP protection. However thanks to significant changes in the way motorcycles, powersports, RVs, trailers, and watercraft are purchased and financed, more and more consumers are finding it may be beneficial to purchase GAP.

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