Locate the ADMINISTRATOR on your contract:

YOU shall report any potential loss to the ADMINISTRATOR:

within ninety (90) days of settlement with the PRIMARY CARRIER or should there be no
PRIMARY CARRIER within ninety (90) days of the DATE OF LOSS.
For each loss YOU must provide the following and any other additional information we may
1) a copy of the primary insurance settlement worksheet and check;
2) verification of any other insurance or other recoverables (including sale of salvage);
3) verification of any other refundable amounts;
4) a copy of this GAP addendum;
5) verification of the primary insurance deductible and the date of loss;
6) a copy of the police report, in the case of an UNRECOVERED THEFT;
7) details of the FINANCING CONTRACT include YOUR name and address, account number,
amount borrowed, interest rate, payment amount, FINANCING CONTRACT history and
calculation of UNPAID NET BALANCE amount and;
8) any additional reasonable documentation requested by our GAP administrator.
No amount shall be waived by US if the claim is not reported or if the documentation is not
provided within the stated time period. All amounts waived as the result of this addendum shall
be applied to the FINANCING CONTRACT balance within thirty (30) days after satisfactory
presentation and acceptance of all information listed above to our administrator. Loss
processing will not be made until YOU have recovered all amounts from any insurance or other
indemnity which is valid and collectible and from any other recoverable or refundable source.


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Capital Administrative Professionals, LLC
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